Monday, 17 September 2012

Dads cob house!/photo.php?fbid=390455634340840&set=a.312486415471096.76994.147479555305117&type=3&theater
Here is a photo of a house my father built using only local materials and no money.  He taught himself how to thatch.  The walls are made of cob (mixture of earth, clay and straw) dug from the ground around the house.  There is fresh water running from a spring just by the house.  There is a wood burning stove inside and a bread oven.  There are many windows on the other side of the house looking over a beautiful valley.  Each window frames a particular scene when sat from a particular seat moulded from the walls.  The paint on the walls is made from chalk and a plant resin binder.  I love this house.


Carr House Farm Bed and Breakfast,Ampleforth,North Yorkshire said...

Hi Jethro
I understand your Dad may be renting out his cob house but we cant find out anything please could you send me contact details if any . Thanks
Anna Lupton email

Castro said...

Hi Jethro!

I would also like to get in touch with your father too, if possible. I work for a magazine called 'Eco Times' and we're really keen to do a feature on your dad's amazing house.

My email is, would love to hear from you/your father if you're interested!

All the best,

Eco Times