Monday, 15 April 2013

Elephant on the loose

This guy escaped from one of my paintings, there have been a few sightings of him walking around the gallery.


Ayesha Gamiet said...

Hi Jethro,

Helen White and I spotted that little guy parading around the gallery last week - along with a man flying a kite... :)

Congratulations on the exhibition! Looks like you're building up a fabulous body of work. The silhouettes filled with geometric and islimi patterns were my favourites. Looking forward to your degree show!

How are things at PSTA?

Best wishes,


jethrobuck said...

Hi Ayesha! Thank you so much for going to the exhibition!
Well spotted :).
Things are great at PSTA. I learn so much every day. It has been a very full year with the course and the show but busy doing what I love, so a good busy.
I hope things are going well on your PSTA course? I expect you are having a very full year as well! Will you be able to make it to this year's degree show? Hope to see you there.
Thanks again for going and inspiring me to join PSTA.

Best Wishes,