Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sitting under the Tree



Mark Golding said...

Under The Acacia Tree

Under the acacia tree
her veil of green protecting me.
Soft canopy of velvet grace
gathers me in soft embrace

And summoned by the call of crows
and riverboats, in timeless shows
of movement, life and industry
within, around the 'cacia tree

The toil of nature, call of time
that beckons each to seek the shrine
upon which we might draw our faith
as pilgrims passing, without trace

So, stop and pause
allow the peace of blessings to arise from source,
yes, from within this Holy Land
that calls your heart and guides your hand

To follow in the Buddha's path
of softening your tightened grasp
allow your worries, fears to cease
and breathe the sound of inner peace

jethrobuck said...

I only just noticed this comment. Thank You Mark for this lovely poem.