Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Islamic Illumination


30 x 25cm, Shamsa (or 'little sun' in Persian), Gouache and shell gold (23 carat) on hand seized Paper. 
Last Autumn I went on an Islamic illumination course at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts run by Ayesha Gamiet, http://ayeshagamiet.com http://www.psta.org.uk/publicprogramme/.  The course was fantastic I learnt so much.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience on many levels.  It was so satisfying to see Ayesha at work and observe the patience, discipline and skill required to make the work.   I feel like I gained real tacit knowledge on the course.  As with all highly skilled activities one learns most through observation and participation.  All the books in the world aren’t as good as simply watching a master at work and then trying to copy them.   Many insights were gained on the course such as learning that rubbing agate stone on my forehead before burnishing the painted gold adds the lustre that illuminates the image.  I found this process magical and would never have learnt this on my own. 


Ayesha Gamiet said...

Hello Jethro!

Just felt like popping over to your blog to see how you're getting on with the miniatures, and I spotted this post :) The illumination is stunning! Well done! This is the first time I'm seeing the completed piece. I remember you working on it in class... I'm so glad you persevered!

The miniatures are looking wonderful, too. You are going to have an amazing time on the MA. Wish I could do it all over again...

Best wishes,


jethrobuck said...

Hello Ayesha!
Sorry I only just noticed this comment. Thank You for popping over to the blog! The miniatures are going well thanks. I'm actually working on some large not so mini paintings at the moment, which is fun. That's great news you got on the course at Cambridge. Would be great to see you again, maybe next year but i suppose you'll be v busy in cambridge.
Hope your next illumination course goes well and thanks again for all you taught me.
best wishes jethro